West Penn Coin Club



Club By-Laws

Article I – Title and Objective

Section 1. This organization shall be know as The West Penn Coin Club.

Section 2. The objective of this organization shall be to promote and encourage interest in numismatics.All members shall be encouraged to attend all meetings and participate in all activities and encourage new membership.

Article II – Membership

Section 1. Any person interested in The West Penn Coin Club,club activities and Numismatics is eligible to become a member.
Section 2. Individuals may apply and become members at any regular club meeting.
Section 3. Any person younger then eighteen (18) years of age is eligible to become a junior member. Junior members must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to club meetings. Junior members are not eligible to hold any office position.
Section 4. Application for membership.
Application for regular and/or junior membership shall require the filling out of the West Penn Coin Club application form provided by the Secretary.Completed application shall be submitted to the Secretary and annual dues shall be submitted to the Treasurer.The applicant shall be introduced and welcomed.
Section 5. Any active West Penn Coin Club member bringing in a new member shall receive free dues for the following year.

Article III – Officers

Section 1. Club officers shall include a President,Vice President,Secretary,Treasurer and Bourse Chairman, all shall be nominated and elected by a majority vote at the annual meeting and serve for one (1) year.
Section 2. Any regular club member in good standing shall be eligible to become a officer.
Section 3. Nominations for all officers shall be held at the December regular club meeting.Nominees may accept or decline when nominated.
Section 4. Election of officers shall be by written secret ballot or by voice vote if the office is uncontested. Elections shall take place at the January regular club meeting.

Article IV – Amendments

Section 1. Amendment(s) to the By-laws shall be presented at a regular club meeting.
Amendment(s) to be presented to the members in attendance and discussed at that meeting and presented in the next newsletter. Amendment(s) tabled to the next regular club meeting.
Voting shall take place at the next club meeting,upon opening the tabled amendment(s).
Section 2. These By-laws may be amended by a majority vote by members present by either secret ballot or voice vote.
Section 3. Members absent from a meeting where amendment voting is scheduled, may vote by proxy,by submitting their written vote to any of the officers of the club.

Article V – Meetings

Section 1. There shall be a regularly scheduled monthly club meeting on the third Thursday of each month.
Section 2. The meeting shall be conducted on our modified version of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article VI – Annual Dues

Section 1. The annual dues shall be $10.00 dollars for regular members and $6.00 for junior members.Payable in January,or before the April meeting in order to maintain a membership in good standing. New members joining after June shall pay $5.00 for membership of that year.

Article VII – Duties of Officers

Section 1. President

Article a. Preside over all meetings.
Article b. Appoints Chairperson for all committees.
Article c. Is a member of all committees.
Article d. Appoints substitute to perform duties of the Secretary or Treasurer in their absence.

Section 2. Vice President

Article a. Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.
Article b. Assist the President in supervising club activities and/or club events.

Section 3. Secretary

Article a. Takes minutes of all monthly club meetings.
Article b. Keeps records of all members, including attendance & prize winnings.
Article c. Presides at meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President.
Article d. Handles all general correspondence,including bi-monthly newsletter.
Article e. Reads minutes of previous months meeting.

Section 4. Treasurer

Article a. Receives and disburses all monies and presents a financial report at each monthly meeting.

Section 5. Bourse Chairperson

Article a. Responsible for setting up the West Penn Coin Club coin shows.

Article VIII – Club Expenditures and Audit Committee

Section 1. Only elected officers or persons designated by the president may spend money in the name of the club. Only expenses within the scope of their duties shall be allowed.
Section 2. Audit committee, made up of three (3) appointees, excluding club officers,shall conduct an annual audit. The president shall select appointees from volunteers. The audit shall be conducted in March yearly.

Article IX – Dismissal of a Member

Section 1. Grounds for Revoking Membership.

Article a. Any member who violates the By-laws of the club or who exhibits illegal or unethical behavior not conducive with the spirit of this club shall be dismissed.

Section 2. Procedure

Article a. Any member in good standing may prefer charges of conduct unbecoming of a member or officer.

Article b. All charges must be presented in writing to the President who shall call a meeting of the other officers for review. Should it decided by the officers the charges are valid, the member is notified and dismissed immediately.

Article c. The dismissed member may appeal the ruling at the next monthly club meeting.
A majority vote of the present voting members can overturn or confirm the dismissal.